Potting Soil 40lb
made with aged pine, sand, and blended organics
Potting Soil 20lb
made with aged pine, sand, and blended organics
Landscapers Mix
top quality blend of fresh pine bark, rice hulls, perlite, and micronutrients. This product is versatile and can be used straight from the bag as a growing media.
Top Soil
Blend of sandy loam soil and compost. Ideal for patching and filling lawn areas.
Azalea Mix
formulated to provide azaleas and similar plants the proper growing conditions needed for the plants to thrive. The mix containts fresh screened pine, rice hulls, composted pine, and sand.
Rose Mix
blend of fresh and aged pine, organic compost, sphagnum peat, perlite, slow release fertilizer, and micronutrients.
Cow Manure
The name says it all...best used as an additive in soils and soil mixes to boost micribial action.
Black Humus
Made from naturally organic pine bark that has been composted under controlled conditions. The result is a dense, fine texture, naturally dark in product.
Compost Peat
Natural organic blend of screened pine and active organics that has been aged and composted.
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We have a variety of different soils to choose from. We offer anything from simple potting soil all the way to specialty soils for roses or azaleas. Feel free to call or stop by with any questions! 

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